lxbox 2 and lxbox 3 sales start in Germany and Russia

LXBOX 3 — is a complete home mini-PC without moving parts with industrial design. It's an out-of-box ready-to-work PC that have a huge set of useful software. It's not needed to be set-up, there's no need to install additional software. LXBOX 3 has full media player functionality thanks to XBMC and IR-remote.

You can not only solve any study or work task, you can also enjoy your favourite movie or music in High Quality by using lxbox connected with TV or multimedia display.

Lxbox 3 technical characteristics:

  • 2-core CPU AMD G-T56N 1.65 GHz, integrated graphics AMD Radeon HD6320

  • 4Gb RAM, 16Gb DOM

  • 2 х Gigabit Ethernet network cards, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Realtek Azalia ALC662 - 1 х stereo output, 1 х microphone input

  • 3 х video outputs: DisplayPort (max. 2560x1600), HDMI (max. 1920x1080), VGA (max. 1920x1080)

  • IR-receiver (IR-remote is on box), 4 x USB ports, eSATA-USB port for connection of external storages

  • Preinstalled OS Linux Mint, XBMC mediashell and over 100 programs

  • Dimensions: 220 x 120 x 37 mm; weight 700 gr., VESA-mount and HDMI cable included

lxbox 2 is characterised by less performance CPU (1GHz); DisplayPort, IR-remote and 2nd Ethernet card absence and by more compact size 160 mm х 120 mm х 37 mm.

Lxbox highlights:

  • High reliability thanks to solid aluminium case and absence of moving parts (fans, HDD's etc.) that often fail or need a regular technical maintenance/replacement.

  • High security: lxbox uses very reliable OS Linux Mint. Your system doesn't break down because of viruses — there are no viruses under Linux! And you can be sure that your confidential data will still confidential.

  • Easy to work: friendly intuitive Windows-style interface with special Linux features. All programs/software necessary for entertainment and professional work are already preinstalled. You don't need to buy expensive licenses for software and spend time for their installation.

  • Complete silence: lxbox doesn't have fans or HDD's and its quietness is very important and suitable for home usage.

  • High energy savings: lxbox consumes only 10-20W while working that is about 10-30 times lower than power consumptions of a desktop computer.

  • Full media player functionality: you can easy enjoy movies, music and photos. Beautiful media shell XBMC can collect all your media files in one library and automatically load related metadata (rating, director, actors, plot description, posters) from the internet.

  • Good performance level: OS Linux Mint is fully optimized with hardware components, you don't need antivirus software that take your CPU and memory resource any more!

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